We are Stage Left Productions.

Every day at the Theatre, we are reminded of how important – how gloriously important – residents from Surprise and its surrounding communities are to what we do.

There is no play without audience members laughing, or crying.

There is no high-quality programming, without cheer leading, word-of-mouth sharing, financial support from committed and generous friends like you.

The fact is: There is no Stage Left Productions without you.

Today, Stage Left Productions is being tested

The Coronavirus, is spreading. This means that Stage Left had to make the necessary choice for public safety. On March 17 Stage Left made the choice to close its doors temporarily.  This resulted in changing our play line up for the remainder of the season and our youth programming had to be put on hold. 

We began our 2020 season very strong with an amazing production of "A Streetcar Named Desire" which broke box office attendance records. Then we performed another stunning production of "The Last Romance" which grossed the most ticket sales in the history of Stage Left Productions.

Stage Left relies just as much on ticket sales as it does donations. The Coronavirus has in a matter of days has disrupted this balance.

Without ticket sale revenue, Stage Left has found itself facing a financial shortfall. 

Today, I am writing to you with a request…and with a promise.

Let’s start with the promise. Stage Left Productions is not going anywhere. We are committed to weathering this storm and emerging on the other side of it strong and determined. 

You can count on us delivering on that promise.

But in order to do so, we need your help.

If you are anything like me, you are reading this letter at home, trying to adapt to life without regular contact with friends, family members, work colleagues.

You’re also probably asking yourself what truly matters to you in life, and what you are going to need once this threat subsides.

I can tell you…you matter to Stage Left Productions. When this virus passes, we are going to need special places to come together to celebrate our shared humanity.

Stage Left Productions will be that special place…for you and so many.

So please, make a gift to help ensure the Theatre’s financial health so that we can be here for you on the other side of this.

Each year as I start planning the next season  I  immediately think of you. What plays will resonate with our community?  What new work will inspire you to think differently about people and our world?

Today, we are asking you to be here for us. We know we can count on you.

In good health and with deep gratitude,

Cody Dull

Artistic Director of Stage Left Production

Stage Left Productions relies greatly on its gracious donors to

bring quality productions to the West Valley. 

Become a Stage Left Donor Today!

All Donations are Tax Deductible

Stage Left Productions is a 

501 (C) (3) non-profit organization

Tax ID 81-1633476



The Great Gatsby Sept-Oct 2018

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof-March 2018

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