The Last Romance-





"Heart-warming, indeed. It's in the writing, yes, but it's the great acting, deft direction and excellent production values that takes this production the distance."

         --------Jeanmarie Simpson "Broadway World" February 2020

The Last Romance

Tea For Three: Ladybird, Pat, & Betty





"Stage Left Productions' cast has three actresses who beautifully and elegantly portray these three famous women with direction that is clear and expressive."

             ----------Gil Benbrook "" February 2021


Just The Ticket






"Paula McKenny, Suze St. John, Cynthia Elek, Mary Timpany, Cindy Miesse, and Susan Webster portray Susan, and all six do a very good job of navigating their way around the range of comical and dramatic material and creating engaging portrayals of this outgoing woman who just also happens to be a bit of a loner."

             ----------Gil Benbrook "" April 2021