The Last Romance





"Heart-warming, indeed. It's in the writing, yes, but it's the great acting, deft direction and excellent production values that takes this production the distance."

         --------Jeanmarie Simpson "Broadway World" February 2020

The Last Romance

Tea For Three: Ladybird, Pat, & Betty





"Stage Left Productions' cast has three actresses who beautifully and elegantly portray these three famous women with direction that is clear and expressive."

             ----------Gil Benbrook "" February 2021


Just The Ticket






"Paula McKenny, Suze St. John, Cynthia Elek, Mary Timpany, Cindy Miesse, and Susan Webster portray Susan, and all six do a very good job of navigating their way around the range of comical and dramatic material and creating engaging portrayals of this outgoing woman who just also happens to be a bit of a loner."

             ----------Gil Benbrook "" April 2021

A Doll's House Part 2 






"Cody Dull's direction is crisp and clear with solid performances from his cast. As Nora, Amber Ryan does a very good job of portraying the wide range of emotions and character traits that Nora encounters, from frustration to happiness, anger to acceptance. Ryan is funny, captivating, and full of life as Nora. Andy DeCarlo is, appropriately, gloomy, sad and depressed as Torvald, a man who seems he still hasn't accepted that his wife left him 15 years ago. The conversations between the two characters are staged by Dull almost as a chess match"

             ----------Gil Benbrook "" May 2021


Crimes of The Heart






"Crimes of the Heart at Stage Left Productions is a fun, sordid slice of Southern life, but also a well-directed and smartly acted production with a big heart."

             ----------Gil Benbrook "" October 2021