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Announcing SLPjr's 2022 Season!

Storybook Reunion Murders

By Scott Haan

March 17-April 3 2022

Directed by Amber Ryan

The alumni of Aesop Academy, a school for nursery rhyme characters, are having a reunion.  Unfortunately, so are the alumni of Grimm High, their cross-town rivals...  and both gatherings have been scheduled for the same time and place!  Bitter enemies — like Peter and the Wolf, Toto and the Witch, and Jack and the cow he sold for magic beans — face off.  Old grudges are rekindled, and tensions run high.  The powder keg explodes when the Cat is killed (and not by curiosity!), followed by Piggy, whose melodramatic death scene causes someone to observe, “Sheesh!  What a ham!”  And in the middle of all this chaos, all Queen can say is “Another one bites the dust!”  There’s no end to the laughs as the two warring schools team up to solve the mystery...  or risk suffering the same fate!  The jokes and twists abound in this delightful romp that is great fun for kids and adults alike!

The Giver

Based on the book by Lois Lowry

Adapted by Eric Coble

June 17-26 2022

Directed by Amber Ryan & Cody Dull

Jonas' world is perfect. Everything is under control and safe. There is no war or fear or pain. There are also no choices. Every person is assigned a role in the community. But when Jonas turns 12, he is chosen for special training from The Giver—to receive and keep the memories of the community. The Giver is the only person who holds the memories of real pain and real joy. Now Jonas will learn the truth about life—and the hypocrisy of his utopian world. Through this astonishing and moving adaptation, discover what it means to grow up, to grow wise, and to take control of your own destiny. 

The Little Mermaid Jr.

Book by Doug Wright

Music by Alan Menken

Lyrics by Howard Ashman & Glen Slater

July 22-31 2022

Directed by Amber Ryan

Journey "under the sea" with Ariel and her aquatic friends in Disney's The Little Mermaid JR., adapted from Disney's Broadway production and the motion picture (featuring the enormously popular Academy Award-winning music and delightfully charming book and lyrics). Based on one of Hans Christian Andersen's most beloved stories, Disney's The Little Mermaid JR. is an enchanting look at the sacrifices we all make for love and acceptance.

Tuck Everlasting

The Play

Based on the book by Natalie Babbitt

Adapted by Mark Frattaroli

November 3-20 2022

Directed by Amber Ryan

In 1880, 10-year-old Winnie Foster, trapped by the rules imposed by her strait-laced family, runs away and discovers the humble Tucks who had accidentally stumbled upon a spring long ago that gave them eternal life. Winnie promises to keep their dangerous secret but then a sinister stranger in a yellow suit arrives at their door with intentions to steal the immortal water for himself. Ultimately Winnie must choose whether or not to drink the immortal water and join them in an everlasting adventure – or live on in a natural way, living a life full of the ordinary beauty of growth and change.


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