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Upcoming Auditions

Diary of a Wallflower (11 × 17 in) (700 × 700 px).jpg

Diary of A Wallflower

Auditions are Saturday July 22nd 10-12pm

Production Fee $150.00

Rehearsals Begin Saturday August 5th 9a

Performances September 15-23 2023


What to prepare:  A one minute monologue is preferred. Sides from the script will also be available. 

Directed by Amber Ryan

Casting Young Actors 14-19 

Character Breakdown

Charlotte Walden (The Wallflower)

Ryder Reynolds ( A Popular Boy)

Jason Krupp (Ryder's Friend)

Madison Truesdale (A Popular Girl)

Sierra Diaz (Madison's Best Friend)

Kamryn Campbell (Madison's other friend)

Gabby Alexander (Charlotte's Friend)

Ms. Walden (Charlotte's Mother)

Iggy Rossi (Lazy Boy in in Class)

Marcus Moreno (Iggy's Friend)

Ms. Rivera (History Teacher)

Mr. Stone (English Teacher)

Lizbeth Chandler (A Congresswoman)



Dancing at Lughnasa

Auditions are Saturday July 29th 10a-12p

Rehearsals Begin Tuesday September 5th 

Performances October 13-21 2023


What to prepare:  Sides will be sent out two weeks prior to your audition. Memorization is not required however strongly encouraged. Actors are also strongly encouraged to be familiar with the script.

Directed by Cody Dull


5 Women & 3 Men 

Character Breakdown

Michael (20's) 

Kate (40's ) 

Maggie (30's) 

Agnes (30's) 

Rose (Early 30's)

Chris (Michael's Mother Late 20's)

Gerry (Michael's Father Early 30's)

Jack (50's-60's) Missionary's Priest


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